It is a process whereby ultrasonic waves burst fat cells that then seep into the lymphatic system which then exit the body via urine, too good to be true? Definitely not!

Does it work?

This is a question I am asked nearly every day and the answer is yes! I have read many articles that drone on about the fact that it doesn’t work but how many of these supposed “experts” actually own one of these amazing machines and run a successful clinic? I know what you are thinking right now ” of course she is going to say that she owns a cavitation machine!” WRONG! I can only sell a product/treatment that I truly believe in as I believe that repeat custom and word of mouth is very important to grown your business. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t have the 5-star reviews and such spectacular before and after photos (if I do say so myself!).

There are a few reasons why people do not get a good result with non-invasive cavitation lipo and this may be because the machine the therapist is using is cheap and not powerful enough to actually disrupt the fat cells and break them down. Unfortunately, this is not a place to cut corners if your machine is low quality it will not yield the desired results FACT! I have come across many salons in Yorkshire who have cut corners looking for a quick way to make lots of money but unfortunately in this game if you want to have a successful non-invasive weight loss clinic you have to splash the cash and build your business slowly! Remember slow and steady wins the race!

Another reason is method, after being professionally trained I adapted my techniques to bespoke the treatment to the needs of different sized clients. This job requires therapists to think outside the box and not treat each client as a number but as a person, it’s not a one size fits all treatment as thought by many.

A third reason is because not all the required steps have been used, yes cavitation is the main attraction as it breaks down the fat but to help it find its way out of your body quickly and effectively lymphatic drainage is imperative. I use several techniques to help this process such as; vacuum radio frequency, acoustic wave therapy and a vibration plate. Of course, this treatment is not going to make you look as amazing as the Kardashians but it certainly reduces the circumference of the treated areas and is an amazing aid in your weight loss journey.

Last of all the reason for poor or no results is down to the client! I know they say the customer is always right but trust me this is not the case in this particular situation!  You cannot lose weight or gain a result if you are putting more calories in your body than you are burning off! It is not a miracle cure as some people think it is, it is also not a reason to eat what you like to maintain weight. Many clients ask me if the treatment is permeant but in reality, what weight loss treatment is 100% permeant? If it was then there would be no need for gyms or diets. Yes, you can keep the weight off and maintain your new figure absolutely! But you have to do their bit and this where clients fail then blame the therapist instead of themselves. Portion size is key you need to be mindful of this and the types of foods you are consuming and most people think they are aware and are doing it correctly when they are not. I had done exactly this and blamed the scales and my body when all along I was eating far too much of the bad stuff! I am a very fussy eater so it is very difficult for me to lose weight but I have taken a good look at my portion sizes and the calories I was consuming and have now lost a stone in 3 months still eating what I want when I want but in smaller portions. The lipo machine as also contributed to my inch loss but changing my diet has had a huge impact, the machine has been a great helping hand. Another very important piece of the puzzle is hydration, as mentioned earlier fat cells exit your body via urine and therefore to be hydrated will ensure the effectiveness of fat cell removal.

To conclude, yes cavitation works very well as a weight loss aid for reducing inches as long as you are mindful of what you are putting in your mouth, but make sure you do your homework and select a high-end clinic such as Crown Wellbeing Clinic  (with reasonable prices!) and ensure you do your bit and you will not be disappointed!