The Forma Multi Care System

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The Forma Multi Care System is a revolutionary system that offers a wide range of non-invasive and safe treatments.

Utilizing medical high grade IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency) technologies which deliver result orientated medical and aesthetic treatments.

With five different applicators the Forma Multi Care opens up a new range of treatments for your needs.





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IPL APPLICATOR for body and face hair removal

IPL FACE APPLICATOR skin rejuvenation, age and sun spot removal and acne remedy

PEELING APPLICATOR four polishing disks perform skin peeling on the face and body

R-SONIC APPLICATOR stimulates collagen renewal and aids in product penetration by utilising a combination of stimulation and RF

SKIN TIGHTENING APPLICATOR promotes collagen renewal and muscle tightening by using a specific high powered targeted radio frequency applicator


How It Works

how it works

LED Light Therapy Mask

face mask

Our cutting-edge mask is the new secret to clearer, and more youthful looking skin. This mask features three wavelengths to provide a multitude of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face and neck: Featuring:
Red LED Light (Anti-Ageing)
Blue LED Light (Anti-Bacterial)
Purple LED Light (Anti-Inflammatory)


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