3D Lipo Pre / Post Treatment Advice:
– do not drink caffeine 2 hours before and 2 hours after treatment

– do not eat fatty foods the day before and day of treatment

– make sure to drink 2 litres of water daily to help rid broken down fat cells


Benefits of drinking Water:
– you will lose weight faster!
By drinking only water for 9 days, you should lose the same amount of calories,  as when jogging for 8km a day.

– you speed up your metabolism!
Easing your energy levels.  Just 17fl oz of water in the morning, increases your metabolism by around 24%.

– your Brain works better!
The brain is 75-85% water, so by drinking it, you fuel it.  This increases concentration.

– you eat less!
Water is a natural appetite suppressant. This in turns helps you lose weight.

– your body excretes toxins faster!
Water washes out harmful substances preventing the effects of ageing.

– water lowers the risk of diseases!
Including hypertension, bladder conditions and even bowel cancer.

– your heart works better!
5 glasses of water a day lowers the risk of heart attack by 41%.

– improves your skin!
Skin becomes softer and cleaner, water clears and moistens the skin.