As many of you know I own and run my own non-invasive aesthetics clinic which includes 3D lipo. One of the biggest questions I am asked is does it really work? And the answer is hell yesss! As discussed in my blog explaining the process of ultrasonic cavitation . However it has a lot to do with the work you put in once you leave the clinic after treatment. The process works by ultrasonic waves breaking down fact cells that release lipids into your bloodstream. Which is then carried out of your body via the lymphatic system through your urine.

To make sure this process works as fast and efficiently for you. Ensure that you are fully hydrated on a regular basis but most importantly before your sessions. Do not drink anything that can dehydrate such as caffeine for 2 hours before and 2 hours after. As this can slow the process down. Twenty four hours before and 24 hours after you are due to attend your appointment do not eat anything with a high fat content. For example cream buns, Pizza Hut, McDonalds you get the idea! The reason for this is your body will be busy trying to breakdown fats from these foods instead of concentrating on getting rid of fat cells that have been broken down in your session. The treatment will not be as effective  or even no results will be seen. It is also especially important that you do not drink alcohol for the same length of time as this can dehydrate you.

What can I eat and drink on other days?

Anything you like as long as your portion sizes are controlled, and you burn off the same or more calories than you consume via food and drink. This is where clients think they are sticking to the advice given but instead they are not mindful of the amount of calories they are actually putting in their bodies. Or they are not paying close attention to any food intolerances they may have.

The process works and it is an amazing aid but you have to be aware of your lifestyle. Obviously, we all have some sort of social life and may eat and drink more on occasions and as long as this isn’t a common occurrence there will be no issues. I have seen it more than once where  my clients have had amazing results on one week and then the next time they come and I take the after photos and they are more bloated than the week before. You cannot do this our bodies will always put weight on if we consume more calories than we burn that is a fact. There is no permanent miracle cure that will allow us to do as we please and stay the same shape it is just not possible.

To summarize, if you follow the dos and don’ts you will get a good result, and this will be maintained but you must follow the rules.