Do you dream of getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat? Are you longing to fit back into your favourite LBD without a bulging VPL? Thought of liposuction but don’t want to go under the knife and spend thousands? 3D-Lipo might well be the answer.

If you don’t know your cryo-freeze from your HIFU, don’t worry. Our very own director, and practitioner of the latest 3D-Lipomed V2 procedures at Crown Wellbeing Clinic, Stephanie Canning, answers your FAQs on 3D-Lipo – the non-surgical alternative to liposuction she’s passionate about.

1. Why 3D-Lipo?

It works. It’s painless. You don’t need to go under the knife…and it’s much cheaper than traditional liposuction. As the new 3D-Lipo campaign suggests, you definitely don’t have to be dying to be beautiful! On a serious note. Similar to many people, I’ve always struggled with my weight. Regardless of the diets I tried and the exercise regimes I stuck to, I could never quite budge those stubborn bits of fat around the midriff and thighs. 3D-Lipo is fantastic for targeting that.

2. Could you explain the difference between traditional liposuction and 3D-Lipo?

All the same as above! But I guess, the main two differences for most people are that 3D-Lipo is affordable and non-invasive with very little discomfort. Another key difference is that we offer a variety of 3D-lipo treatments to cater for the varying needs of our clients. This means that we can target specific concerns to contour the body to our clients’ desired aesthetic. Because of affordability, clients can return for further treatments in a comfortable environment without dealing with lots of downtime.

3. How does it work?

3D-Lipomed V2 reduces body fat by destroying fat cells (unlike traditional methods, which break the cells up and releases them into the body). The medical-grade machine delivers ultrasonic waves deep into the tissue, against the resistance of the skin. This exposes the fat cells to high temperatures, resulting in rapid and total fat cell destruction. It does all this without damaging the skin or other cells.

4. How safe is 3D-Lipo?

As a clinic, we’ve invested in the latest medical grade technology. Our aesthetic professionals have undergone intensive training in order to operate the advanced machine and deliver our revolutionary treatments. The treatments themselves are completely safe and non-invasive with little to no downtime.

5. Is 3D-Lipo expensive, and how many treatments will be required?

Prices start from as little as £92 per session (when a course of sessions is booked). Some treatments achieve immediate results and the client may be satisfied after one treatment. Other treatments are provided as a course. We always advise clients what treatment they need based on their individual concerns. Our most successful loss to date from cavitation is 9 inches overall (or a total of four pounds).

6. Is there a lot of pain and downtime?

No. Clients may feel a little bit drained following the procedure but there should be no pain or discomfort. From personal experience, I would say that the most I suffered following treatment is slight redness of the skin.

7. What results does 3D-Lipo achieve?

The obvious results are lost inches, cellulite reduction and firmer skin. And with the right treatment plan, these results can be both immediate and have a long term effect. The unexpected benefits are that clothes feel loser and clients often feel better about their aesthetic, which is a real boost to esteem. We take accurate measurements before and after treatment so that the client can see the level of contouring we’ve achieved.

8. Why should clients choose your 3D-Lipo clinic?

We’re a friendly, professional clinic in Pontefract, Nr Leeds in West Yorkshire, that is genuinely very passionate about 3D-Lipo. Our aesthetic practitioners have experienced the results for themselves and that’s why we’re advocates of and fully trained in the latest technology available. We aim to provide the highest level of care to our clients without the big city price tag – we want them to leave our clinic feeling more body confident than when they came in.

Still have questions? Why not give Stephanie a call on 07961 621 634 or contact her at to find out more – she’ll be happy to help.

You can also get Stephanie’s take on 3D-Lipo in the online edition of Yorkshire Life Magazine for further reading.