Single sessions £60
Block of 6 £351
Block of 8 £456
Block of 10 £540
Single sessions £50
Block of 6 £292.50
Block of 8 £380
Block of 10 £450
Single session £70
Block of 6 £409.50
Block of 8 £504
Block of 10 £630
Single sessions £50
Block of 6 £300
Block of 8 £380
Block of 10 £450
Block of 6 £205
Block of 8 £266
Block of 10 £315
Includes cleanse tone, diamond dermabrasion, LED mask for 20 min and skin brightening cream application.
Using a vibrating device to push collagen pluming serum deep under the skin layers
R Sonic uses radio frequency heat to tighten the neck area.
For fine lines and wrinkles in the lip area, forehead and crows feet.
Reduces fine lines, brightens skin, helps with acne and skin pigmentation.
Full face spot reduction – IPL Light to rid skin imperfections such as age spots, sun damage and acne – £50
Spot reduction – £25
Cleanse tone, caviar face mask, express shoulder massage, caviar cream application using a facial massage.
Cleanse tone, chosen mask application, express shoulder message, cream and serum chosen by client and used with facial massage.
Include the LED mask + £10
Includes cleanse tone, diamond peel, LED mask 20 min (antibacterial mode), special prescriptive face mask and prescriptive cream application and express shoulder massage.
Includes cleanse tone, diamond peel, caviar mask, express shoulder massage and caviar cream application with facial massage. With  LED mask (antiaging mode) – £60
Extra small area (lip, chin) £20
Small area (jawline, cheeks, lip & chin) £30
Medium area (underarm, bikini) £40
Large area (Brazilian bikini, half arm, full face) £50
Extra large area (chest, stomach, full arm, half leg, hollywood bikini) £60
XXL area (full legs, full back, chest&stomach) £90
£15 for 15 minutes
£30 for 30 minutes
Cleanse and tone,
Diamond peel
Facial mask
Express shoulder massage
R Sonic lifting
Skin tightening
Skin rejuvenation
Facial massage with cosmeceutical grade creams.
Include LED mask + £10
Chemical peels that treat, acne, enlarged pores, oily skin also brilliant for skin brightening (No down time)

Including LED light therapy – £65

REVOLAX is a non-animal crosslinked HA soft tissue filler using only the highest purity of Hyaluronic Acid through bio fermentative origin.
1ml of Revolax filler £120
2ml of Revolax filler £190